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Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!

Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer Vinyl

by Siser

Color: EasySubli
# of Sheets

The latest innovation in garment sublimation in here! EasySubli is a brand-new HTV by Siser that allows you to print custom, full-color designs using sublimation printer. 

EasySubli can be fed directly through a sublimation printer, white eliminates the need the transfer papers. After printing, it is recommended that you allow the inks to dry for 2 hours before masking, or you can lay your design underneath an open heat press platen for about 45 seconds.

While traditional sublimation is limited to white polyester garments. EasySubli can be used with a variety of different fabrics and colors. EasySubli is also applied at a low temperature of 311 degrees F, compared to 380 degrees F and above for traditional sublimation. 

EasySubli is designed to work with virtually any sublimation printer, however, we recommend Sawgrass machines and the specially formulated Siser EasySubli inks by Sawgrass for best results.

Check out the Latest Innovation in Sublimation!
You already know Siser® Glitter HTV can be sublimated, but what if you want to spare yourself the sparkle? Siser has the sublimation solution for you! Now offering, EasySubli™, the matte heat transfer vinyl that’s receptive to sublimation inks! Siser EasySubli HTV is the key to decorating colored polyester (excluding sublimated polyester garments) and cotton blends. Never be limited to white polyester again when you switch to EasySubli! Achieve the brightest colors and best results when paired with the specially developed printing profile and Siser EasySubli Inks by Sawgrass.

Available for the Virtuoso SG400 and SG800, Siser EasySubli Inks can do more than just print on EasySubli! Use Siser EasySubli Inks to achieve all your standard dye-sub needs as well, so there’s no need to switch out inks between projects. After printing and cutting the heat transfer vinyl, use EasySubli Mask and a squeegee to transfer designs from the static backing to the garment of your choosing. With EasySubli, the decorating doors are open to any color of the rainbow and almost every fabric under the sun. The low application temperature of 311°F even allows you to decorate heat sensitive fabrics like tri-blends and rayon!

Click here for more info on EasySubli!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This product definitely lives up to its name and the picture quality is great!

Easy subli

I love this stuff. This is my 3rd time ordering this! Thank you CraftHTV for fast shipping and for all you do for me ❤️

Easy Subli is Everything

I love using Easy Subli Paper. The colors be so vibrant. Thank you CraftHTV for always staying stocked for us Easy Subli users🙌🏽❤️ Shipping was quick.



Siser Easy Subli - Great Product!

Craft HTV was the ONLY company I found that had this product in stock. In addition, they cut the 11x17 sheets down to 8.5 x 11 for me. They shipped quickly and it arrived perfectly.
This product is easy to use and comes out great on both t-shirts and hoodies. Great on dark cotton.

Easy Subli

This company came through when even Amazon couldn’t. I will order from them from now on. Quick shipping and great price!

Great for dark colors

Love the easysubli! The tape on the other hand did not grip the design at all.


My shipment came faster than expected. Good product. Makes it easy to personalize dark clothing and cotton. Does not feed well through my printer but it's probably my printer. Takes a while to dry.

Amazing Customer Service!

Great product so far.. Shipping was great.. Love that they stay in contact after purchase to make sure everything with your order is fine. Also many deals and sales!


Muy buenos precios trabajan súper rápido y todo el pedido llega correctamente bien