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Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+

StyleTech Opal Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Original price $11.25 - Original price $11.25
Original price $11.25
$11.25 - $11.25
Current price $11.25
Size: 12"x5ft Roll
Color: White

If you want an entire spectrum of colors on one sheet of vinyl, opal is exactly what you need! The colors change as you move them around

Available in 8 colors: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Amber, Orange and Bright Green.


Due to the stiffness of the film, when unrolled "tunneling" may occur which is when the film lifts from the release liner and bubbles or "tunnels" form.  This can be corrected by simply lifting the film gently from the release liner and gently using a squeegee or other flat edge to lay the film back down prior to cutting.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Andrea Mungroo
First time trying holographic vinyl... LOVE IT!

I made stickers for my friends and family and they were begging me for more! I will definitely be getting more colors of this. They stick very well to my tumblers.

Octavia Shutes
Where have you been all of my life!

This product is amazing! The colors are vibrant and as expected!

Ashley Bevins
Amazing vinyl!!

This vinyl was the perfect for what I was looking for. It cuts well and weeds perfectly. The color is absolutely beautiful, I and my customers love it. I have gotten so many compliments about it.

Sylvia R

Absolutely LOVE this vinyl. So beautiful And everything was perfect when arrived as always!

Michelle P
Love this vinyl!

My daughter wanted a green fourwheeler and they only had black in the size we were looking for so I told her I could make it green - but I did one better and used the opal vinyl so it changes from green to blue and even a little purple! She loves it, I love it, definitely recommend this vinyl! It applied really nicely, can update on wear and tear down the road.

Lisa Ormsbee
Didn’t get this

Beautiful color I’ve used before but didn’t get to this from you it was returned before it got shipped. Hope to order soon thank you

Patti Keddy
Opal styletech

Love love love

Jamie Staub
Style tech

Can't review because Everytime I order the order gets cancelled!

Brenda Conkright

I was really looking forward to this. I’m going to have to try to order again at another time. My item was refunded


Beautiful color. Easy to weed.

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