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Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!

Custom Patterns by Grace

Hey There!

Listen we want you to Make More time for yourself and let us do the heavy lifting. CraftHTV is launching a new service that lets you request a custom printed pattern created by us, for you, at absolutely no cost. Yeah, you read that correctly. Completely free. (You pay for the vinyl, design/setup is free)

There is a slight restriction to this policy. You must be an actively buying customer for unlimited requests. We require you to purchase at least a 12"x12" of your custom printed pattern. If you have not purchased from us in 90 days, we will require a new purchase from our website before any Custom Pattern can be made. This is to control over usage of our free service.

Keep in mind, we will make anything for you completely free. However we may start selling it on our website and include it in our normal selling products.

Lastly and probably the most important... This is a free service so it may take some time to get your request processed. Plan ahead, do not wait, and then be patient for it to be completed.

If you have any other questions about this new service, email