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Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD
Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD

CraftHTV's Customer Experience Team

Check out our self service option just in case we have it ready to solve right now. Click Here

We encourage everyone to email but you can contact one of us below.

Lucas - - President of CraftHTV, means you can go right to the top.

Jennifer - - Vice President of CraftHTV, she is perfect for anything company related. She is a strict Navy mom that will take no one’s crap, but she will get s*** done!

Dalton - - Vice President of Customer Experience, he is a great asset as a veteran in the United States Army. His strict process to follow procedure and ensure a great team environment means he is ready to help you. For the best experience, he is your go to dude!


CraftHTV is a core part of your life or business as we specialize in dispensing magical Fairy Tale Vinyl, discounts, and savings without much effort. But sometimes you need a favor, maybe a friend, we made a mistake or you just need a little advice. CraftHTV’s Customer Experience Team or CET is here as your personal assistant. We want to do everything we can to make you our first priority without even being asked. Please contact any of us, contact all of us… We are here for you!

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