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How to Contact CraftHTV


We are working hard to be available as often as possible for you to reach out. Here are some of the things to expect when you reach out to us OR when we reach out to you.

By phone you can expect to call us 877-778-4695 and the number you'd see when we call you will see 877-735-3105 or 877-778-4695

  • We are typically available to answer the phone between 9-6pm but there is no guarantee we are available. When leaving a voicemail it goes to our general request queue (same as email) and is answered in the order received.

By email you can expect to email us at and we will respond from the same.

  • We typically respond to all emails within 48 hours but it may extend to up to 72 hours. We strive to make this goal 12 hours but it is very difficult to guarantee this. We answer emails thoroughly and as quickly as we can.