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How To: Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on Denim

How To: Applying Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on Denim

The most common problem in Applying HTV to denim is the uneven surfaces that the seams create; we’ll show you how to work around this.

First, you’ll either need a Heat Press or a home Iron; both work great. Every brand of HTV has a specific temperature and time frame required to adhere it to your substrate correctly. Make sure you know what vinyl you’re using and that you look up the proper application settings for your vinyl. 

Before you press, we recommend using a heat press pillow inside of your substrate to even out the seams, which allows the vinyl to get the pressure it needs to bond to the garment.

You always want to cover your HTV with a Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multi-Purpose Paper to prevent damage to the vinyl. Now press the vinyl, then all you have to do is peel off the carrier sheet and you’re done!

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Brandee Seevers - July 29, 2021

Hi love the info! But wanted to give ya a little feed back! Maybe when done with the finish product hold it up so people can see it at the end. Ty for all your support and help you are all the best

Margaret Cook - July 29, 2021

Hey Dalton great video I’m excited to try this on some denim, can you guys on maybe some future videos show some how to’s with a home iron I dont have a heat press would love one but not that lucky yet so working with what I got, thanks a bunch love ur vinyl!

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