CraftHTV Reward Points Program

What is this?

In the best effort to compete with our own pricing, we have come up with a way to give you another reason to come back. Points towards your future purchases! Meaning you can order from us today and get points for your next order!

How many points can I earn?

You can earn as many points as you like. You earn points on every order placed on our website. Manual orders we generate and email to you, do not generate any points.

What is a point worth?

For every $1 you spend you get 1 point, down to the penny. So $1.01 is worth 1.01 points. During redemption you can redeem 20 points for $1 of stuff on our site. So you are getting 5% back in points to redeem on future orders.

What can I buy with my points?

Anything we sell can be acquired using points earned on previous orders.

I love CraftHTV and I refer my friends, what do I get?

First we want to thank you for caring so much to refer your friends. We want to make you proud and service them the same we do you. For every purchasing refer you get 100 points which is worth $5 in redeemable points. To redeem a purchasing referral you must email us with their order number, email, and dollar amount. If qualifying we will adjust your account +100 points for the referral.

Can I cash out and redeem my points for real money?

No you can NOT. Points have no cash value. You can only redeem them on our website for real products.

How do I redeem my points?

On every product on our website, you will see a "Login to Redeem Points". If you do not see this on the product, it cannot be purchased using points. We reserve the right to deny point redemption on any product, at any time. You agree to this at the time of enrollment.

Can I use my points and redeem on shipping?

Yes! You must have enough points to cover the product and shipping on the item.

Do points expire?

Currently points do not expire, but this is subject to change at any time. If we add a policy where points expire, they may expire within 7 days after earning. But currently, they do not expire as of Feb 1, 2018.

When can I earn bonus points? 

We announce periods of bonus point earning at random. Be sure to subscribe to our emails, you are notified first. Bottom of our website.