Add to Orders!

Well we know this is going to happen... and that is OK! It may not always be accepted but it doesn’t hurt to ask! Just means we make more and you get more! Here is what you need to know.

How to add to my already placed order?

1. First ask yourself. Has this already shipped? If yes, then no you cannot add to your order. Duh.

2. To start the “add” just respond to any email we have ever sent with a list of what you would like. Please include product type, how many, color, and size configuration.

3. We hope you understand by sending us your list it does not confirm or deny we can accommodate you. Vinyl is magically and we work hard to continue the magic. Once you receive our email invoice, please pay it online immediately. It will be sent to the email you sent the list from.

4. If you ask for an “add” and we send the invoice, you do not pay it within 24 hours. Your order ships without additions and that unpaid invoice is cancelled.

5. You may or may not be charged additional shipping. This is solely at our discretion.

Email us if you have any questions,