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Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD
Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD

Become An Affiliate

Hello Inspired You!

We are so excited you decided to finally launch the LONG requested affiliate program at CraftHTV. Similar to everything else we do, we are going to do it better than everyone else!

How much can I make? 

We are going to offer 5% of every sale you refer to using your referral link. You can apply for a larger percentage if you meet certain requirements not publicly announced.

How will I be paid? 

We offer a check mailed to you or a gift card for use on our website. If CraftHTV sends a check, you are required to fill it out and send it back, IRS form W-9.

Why I will be taxed on this affiliate payment? 

We always suggest looking into this using your personal tax accountant. Sadly we are not versed in that. However, if we issue you a gift card; that will be classified as a gift to you.

When do I get paid?

CraftHTV pays once monthly and gives affiliates a Net 30 to receive payment. For example, any referrals from December 1-31st will be payable to you on January 30th of the following month/year. This may happen sooner but will be completed on that day, guaranteed. 

Do I have to wait for a check?

If you are able to accept Zelle, you can ask your account manager to set this up for you. Otherwise, yes we will mail a check.

How frequently do I get paid?

We prefer to wait until you have $250 payable to you or every calendar month, whichever is first.

Can I refer myself and get paid?

No, commission paid is set for new accounts only. However, if your friend wants to close their old account and create a new one that is acceptable. But you do not commission on your own orders.

How do I sign up? 

Click Here if you agree to all of the above statements. Keep in mind, CraftHTV reverses the right to start/stop/pause any affiliate for any reason. This includes the ability to refer and even pay referral benefits as such.


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