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Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+
Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+

Free Vinyl Tester Pack

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This is a pack of vinyl to test and let us know what you think. We are trying new types of vinyl. We will only provide one pack per order. This cannot be added to any unshipped order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barbara Jordan
Perfect press

This was a nice treat. I made a bag with the green with gold glitter vinyl. It weeded and pressed perfectly.

Tester Pack

Great mystery pack. I’ll have loads of fun with it!

Katie White
1 of 2 was great

I got 2 different colors, one sparkly pink and one sparkly purple. Both were beautiful and I was excited to use them on a project. I finally found the design I wanted and cut them out. The pink one was super easy to weed. The backing paper wasn’t sticky so it was great. The purple one - the most difficult vinyl I’ve ever dealt with. The backing was super sticky and wouldn’t come off the vinyl. After i got it off, i pressed it. It wouldn’t stick in a few spots so i pressed it again. I think i pressed it 5 times. The pink one didn’t have any issues sticking when pressed. I’ll have to keep this bag instead of selling it like I had planned.

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