Vinyl 911

What is Vinyl 911? 

We'd like to think this is our way of making sure, if an emergency you get what you need. Vinyl 911 has been created out of the urge to need vinyl immediately. We are not dull to know that this is something every single customer of ours has thought about and may want. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE! Different to other competitors and a rush processing fee, we have created a dynamic process around the possibility of shipping an order quickly. This also comes with a guaranteed departure or you receive a $15 gift card to

Here is how it works

Every order can leave same day or next day (with all items on your order that are in stock) with a simple request of Vinyl 911. All you need to do is contact us during 11-2pm Monday-Friday EST times and call 877-77-VINYL and dial ext 0. The cutoff for the Vinyl911 request is 2pm EST. You must speak to us on the phone, a voicemail is not Vinyl911... That is a voicemail.

Place your order online first then read below. (cannot use Vinyl911 with discount codes, clearance items, or purchase shipping delay items)

We will go through your entire order and make sure that all items on the order are able to ship within the guaranteed same day or next day departure. You will be advised of whether it will be a same day or next day departure.

This is a possible service only and it is not guaranteed in any way. We reserve the right to deny any order into Vinyl911. We will be required to remove any item not available for Vinyl 911 to submit the order at a requested Vinyl911.

If verbally approved you will be provided a departure date (typically same day or next day) and we will do as agreed. Any Vinyl911 not completed as agreed will ship on the next possible departure date and the customer in which lost the Vinyl911 service will receive a $15 gift card to

Similar to valet, expedite boarding onto a plane, or driving in a HOV lane on the freeway, these are services that are selected on your own accord and are not required.

If you have any further questions or this is unclear please email