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Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD
Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD

Supporters Benefits

We want supporters to never want to leave thus we have created a list of ever growing benefits. 

1. You get exclusive access to videos we make that only supporters can see / watch.

2. Once monthly we provide an unbeatable coupon code you can use on exactly what it is posted for.

3. Often we post exclusive supporter videos that you have the ability to win a prize that only supporters can enter into.

4. Dedicated support. Call/Text 517-610-4728 Email

5. One time per supporter ever, you can request we ship you one of every catalog/color guide currently available. At no cost. Email

6. You get MORE Lucas & Dalton than ever before. Just you wait... More videos. More posts. More. Is. Coming.

7. We offer free standard shipping of orders to the US for $25 and up.

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