Dallas Store Opening 9/25

Dallas is the busiest, largest, and most UNDER vinyl company'd city in the US and CraftHTV is here to save the day! Opening September 25th @10am CST we will be giving the first 1,000 customers to walk in the door a $10 gift card. This will last until September 29th or until we issue the 1000th gift card. Read below under "RECEIVE $10 GIFT CARD" for details.

As a precaution we are not doing any big ribbon cutting, ceremony, or extreme event items as we would like to just start selling vinyl without hubbub. Our focus is the vinyl for now and the party will come later. We are doing this store opening entirely ourselves as costs are extremely high. Event plans will come forth shortly into the month of October prior to Halloween. 

If you are traveling from far away and you needed to take a plan to arrive you will receive a special bonus as previously announced. Your residence must be outside of the city of Dallas/Fort Worth to receive this special bonus. We will verify both flight information and ID before issue this special bonus.



Each active buying account can be assigned a single $10 gift card for free. This is delivered to you via the email on your account and is issued after your first purchase. If you are a new customer you will need to establish an account prior to receiving the gift card. We cannot attach the gift card to an inactive or unestablished account. You are required to have an account. You must be 13+