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Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+
Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+

Company Acquisition Program

As you can imagine this can be a difficult decision for anyone to close the doors. CraftHTV is a pinnacle in the vinyl sheeting market and is interested in helping you recover any funds nearing the end of your companies lifetime.

First, we value your even reading this opportunity. Our process for this is painless and streamlined to make it easy on you and your family to exit. Second a few details below give you an insight on how we like to keep it a clean, simple completion.

  • CraftHTV will acquire all IP, domain registration, logo, marketing, social media accounts, customer and order archives (for future contact requests only), and modify and edit your existing company mission statement.
  • CraftHTV will keep your current brand operational as a subsidiary, leaving the dedicated founder information in tact throughout the lifetime of identity. 
  • CraftHTV may select to acquire all remaining inventory, equipment, and machinery at existing location.
  • CraftHTV will assist in finalizing all transferring local, state, and federal regulatory documents necessary, if filed. 
  • CraftHTV will make payment to originating operating partners and close necessary customer issues after closing/execution date.

It will be our highest priority to establish a clear message of your businesses future to both your existing customers and new customers to come. We will encourage and display the path the company has already taken and offer a future. 

Plesse reach out to us if this interests you. Email is required for initial contact, please include your company name.

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