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Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!
Orders Over $50 Ship For Free in the US!

Having trouble? CFL

Just first know, we are here for you! This means we want to help fix whatever is going on with your material, order, machine, etc... As long as we can help!

Starting October 8th 2018, globally is taking a stance against bad customer support. We want to be the place you call and know we care about you. The same smile and energy you see on camera/in store is what we want even in the worst experience. globally is committed to the highest quality and best made products; so it is only natural our customer support is to match! 

We want you to become a CFL (customer for life) and we mean it! It is important to be your safe haven for quality products, low prices, and now proudly the best customer support anywhere. We want you to be so excited during shopping, shipping, and support!

We offer unmatched 24/7 customer support via email and phone. You can see below how to reach us.

Email: Phone: 877-778-4695

Thank you for shopping and spending your money with - We hope you are ready to craft!