$2 Tuesday!

$2 Tuesday is a special sale that runs from April 1st through Halloween. This is a special sale that includes Easyweed 12"x12" sheets of HTV. This sale no longer includes Electric, CraftHTV Exclusive Colors, or Fluorescent Easyweed HTV.

You will use a code $2TUESDAY on your order when ordering from the below link. 

You will pay $2 for Easyweed colors. The price of $2 a sheet only applies to the Standard Easyweed colors. 

The sale has no limitation and runs from 6pm(Monday)-11:59pm(Tuesday) Hawaii Time. Giving you 36 hours to shop. This means every time zone throughout the US will have their entire TUESDAY to shop and checkout. After this time is expired, you will need to wait until the following Tuesday.

This sale cannot be Vinyl911 and you cannot combine with other sales. All sales are limited to one coupon code per order. This sale will ship within 5-10 business days or longer domestically. International orders will still take 7-21 business days ONCE shipped. International order should expect 5-10 + 7-21 business days to receive. Maximum of 31 business days or 6 total weeks for delivery.

We make this sale last for several months to spread out a budget. Making it easier to save, store, and collect every color.

Good Luck with your shopping and we hope you are ready to craft!