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Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD
Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD


CraftHTV is here to give you something that will our make the “competitors” stop and stare. Our hope is you never have a problem, you never have to feel disappointed and you enjoy everything you buy from us. But we know somethings are out of our control. This means we want to help you fix whatever is wrong. 

Please review below and see if you qualify for our replacement guarantee. Most do but you need photos so hopefully you took some or still are able. In most cases we do not need the product returned HOWEVER please wait until we have asked or said no return necessary. It is very important to understand we absolutely have zero control over the products we carry. We do not make them. We just cut to size and ship. So hopefully you qualify; simply put we want it to be your best day. Mistakes may change that.

#1 - All product fails, issues with performance, or change in look/feel after application is covered. If it does not work the right way we work to fix it.

#2 - All product production fails are covered. This means if you cut the vinyl incorrectly we will cover a replacement for this product. Normally this is because you need to change your blade, pressure, or a simply not using it correctly. We will replace the product at no cost, but we will  collect shipping. This is a “user” error, not a product fail. We are not saying you “did the mistake” but well we are, kind of. So replacement of the vinyl is free, shipping is not.

#3 - Several times a year we get calls about “bad lots” of vinyl made and we want to know the lot number. So products have it and some do not. If we become informed of a specific lot number of product that is made or working incorrectly, we will automatically replace this by shipping your purchase to you again automatically.

#4 - Any miss-shipped items from us to you, are yours to keep. It was our mistake and not your so keep the vinyl.

#5 - Damaged or missing product.  Once you receive your package from us, please open it as soon as possible. We allow for five (5) days from the time of delivery to inform us of missing or damaged product.

To begin any of the above listed you must email us. Phone support is not allowed to handle these type of issues. We work closely with the manufacturer at fault and documented photo/video may and always may be required. However you can call in and start the process, but an email is much more efficient for us both.

CraftHTV is at the forefront of every new and coming soon vinyl product in the world. We strive to have the best, highest quality, and most durable products on the market. We do not, NEVER, carry a sub level product. We test several of our products often and send them back if faulty. We will never purposely disrupt your business/hobby. That is absolutely ridiculous. If you think something is wrong that is not mentioned in the above just let us know via email

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