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How To Use - Foil HTV

How to Instructions, Foil


This has got to be the best product ever made, first of all. Second can you believe how beautiful that foil is to see. MY GAWDDD. Love it! 

First we really hope you purchased the adhesive for your foil. Otherwise you have to do that right now. It is on our website on the same item as the foil, it is the first item in the list labeled ADHESIVE FOL FOIL. So if you do not have at least two rolls… One is that really gorgeous and the other is white/clear foggy looking… You are missing supplies!

If you do have your adhesive well you are in luck. Let’s get started with the instructions below. We are going to be thorough… Hope that is ok. 

#1 First thing first! Have your cut file ready on your computer, phone, etc. Once you have it ready to cut… You need that foggy stuff. Feel it, touch it, get to know it. Take it to dinner… Do not hold back. Please do not just look at it. Give it some love. You need to feel the difference of the two sides. One side has a smooth soft feel. CARRIER SHEET. The other side has a rougher grippy feeling to it. ADHESIVE.

#2 Now that you have felt it up, you are going to cut it CARRIER SHEET face down. So that smooth side goes on your mat or FACE DOWN. Please do not get this confused. It is really expensive to mess up. And it will not be covered by our replacement guarantee.

#3 Cut your design. Just like you do normal HTV. Please do a test cut and do not try it without a test cut. Even the most advanced user will make a mistake now and then. Test Test Test!

#4 We like to be upfront and a lot of companies use a marketing front “No Weeding Necessary” to sell their foil. That is completely and utter BS. Sorry you have to weed this adhesive and it is very very hard to see. SOOO you should get your phone or angle a light to see the lines. Weed away all things not to be pressed on your garment or substrate. 

#5 Turn on your heat press to 305 degrees or your iron to COTTON with no moisture. Sorry it cannot rain on the foil or adhesive. 

#6 Since you will be putting this onto some item you really need to press out the moisture in the garment or substrate as well. Please press the area for at least 3 seconds. Just so it is flat and not moisture filled.

#7 Please the adhesive down with the side you WEEDING FROM onto the garment. You know that area you just weeded… It should be touching the garment. 

#8 Before pressing the adhesive you need to CUT the matching sized area of your foil to the adhesive you just put down. We suggest cutting it with a 1/2 inch on both sides and no more. But do not get cheap about it. Better to have enough then not enough. Make sure you can cover up the entire adhesive area. If you do not cover the entire area. You will have a LINE where you had to add more and press twice. YOU WILL MESS IT UP! 

#9 Press it for a whooping 3 seconds. And not Mississippi seconds. 1. 2. 3. 

#10 Lift up the press and remove the carrier sheet from the adhesive. Within 5 seconds place the foil COLOR UP onto that adhesive. And press it or the full 10 seconds. This will move that foil onto your adhesive, onto the garment.

#11 Lift up your press after the mentioned time and remove the top layer of the foil WHEN IT IS COLD. BBBURRRRRRRRR …. Do not rush this. Stop it. Go have a walk around the house. It must must must be cold. Stop it. It is not cold yet. Remove the top layer and the foil color will stay on the adhesive. 

#11A You can crumble your foil BEFORE application to give it a cracked look.

#11B You can remove the top layer of the foil color and repress it to make it more matte. You can do this several times until you see a matte you like.

#11C For multiple colors you can press the adhesive on fully and use parchment paper in between pressing foil colors to stop foil from sticking to that area. You should be an advance user to do this, truly. It can mess up easily. But anyone can do it.

#12 This is the shirt of your dreams. The shirt you need for every event. So wear it often. The older it gets the better Lucas thinks it looks. Keep that in mind.

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