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How to use Fairy Tale Pattern HTV

How To Instructions, Pattern HTV

 Required Items:

Sooooo we already know how excited you are to just receive this pattern and now it is time to use it. Hope you are ready for a crazy list of things you have to do. Do not stress. It is really easy but our instructions are very thorough!

#1. Get Ready!

You have a different kind of HTV. If you don't have a carrier sheet it can be had here, TTD Mask

#2. Get your design ready - No mirror (the design, not you)

As you can image it is really crazy to have this pattern because we made it just for your customer for their garment. You will be cutting ON TOP of the design you see. Not on the back as you usually would with HTV. This means you DO NOT mirror the image. Cut left to right as you normally would.

#3. Test Cut, Then Cut - Not the other way around

Cutting depth is just like regular HTV so no change. BUT you will need to ensure you are cutting at the correct depth. We always always always suggest a test cut. This will insure that you do not cut the entire pattern or sheet incorrectly. PLEASE DO THIS STEP! Cutting errors are not covered by our replacement guarantee policy. Now you can cut your design, IF the test cut performed correctly.

#4. Weed - your vinyl not the garden..

This step will absolutely drive Lucas @ nuts but you should weed the parts you do not want on your substrate. All those little bits will make his skin crawl. PS if you do not know Lucas you will want to see him on camera. Visit our Facebook group to watch him now.

#5. Get your press warmed up! - It's getting hot in here so take.. 

Once you have finished that horrid weeding, you can now get ready for action. Making sure your press is at 305 degrees.

#6. Apply the carrier sheet

It is time to put on your carrier sheet. We do not suggest putting on the carrier sheet until just a few seconds before you press. This will help decrease the adhesion s probability on the carrier sheet from wearing down. P.S. The carrier sheet is reusable (125+ times) as long as you do not drop it on the floor or have partials stick to it. If you don't have a carrier sheet it can be found here: TTD Mask. Using a Felt Edge Squeegee or just your credit card you used to pay online, press the carrier sheet firmly to the design. SAVE YOUR BACKING SHEET

#7. You have to flip it before you stick it!

Well that is the hardest part. Now you will flip the entire thing over. So you see WHITE. ALL WHITE. And peel away the backing. This is the layer protecting the adhesive which is invisible and activated under heat. 

#8. Locate the sweet spot for your design

Since you are sooooo excited, the time has come to place your design onto your garment or substrate. Of course, anywhere you want. With your press at 305 degrees. (If you use an iron please read step 8A)

#8A If you are using an Iron

Using an iron is absolutely OK. But there is something you should do. First you need parchment paper. You know that stuff in the kitchen that makes pans easy to clean, yeah that! Put that between your designs with the NOW applied carrier sheet and the iron. We really need you to this step. You can also use a teflon sheet if you have one. 

#9. Press it, press it real good! - Only for 10 seconds though  

This is the moment you have been waiting for… Get Ready To Press. For 10 seconds press your design!  

#10 Let cool and then peel

The carrier sheet is a cold peel. This means it needs to be cold. Not warm. Not slightly warm. COLD. BURRRRRRRRRRRR… Please do not rush this step. You will regret it and is not covered by our replacement guarantee policy. When you try to ask for the replacement guarantee policy, we ask for photos and we can tell what happened specifically… :/

#11. Just one more thing - Don't toss that carrier sheet!

The last and hopefully easiest step is to just remove the carrier sheet. WAIT do not throw this away. It is reusable. Between now and 2020, CraftHTV has plans to become a sustainable company. We want products that are reusable and good for the environment at the time of disposal. Trash is everywhere. So put your carrier sheet, once removed, back onto that bubbling white backing. 


We really hope that you loved making this project and reading our instructions. They may be a little silly but guess what… CraftHTV is a personality, not a company. We are here to make you have fun, feel good and most importantly CRAFT!

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