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Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+
Orders Ship Free When You Spend $50+

Free SVG File Notice

Thank you so much for purchasing (FREE) all of our SVG File Packs. As it currently stands we have had over 2,500,000 files requested for download in less than 48 hours. Our file server is an automated program but it is currently overloaded. 


If you have not created an order for the free files, you can now. We suggest you use a GMAIL or YAHOO. Never a Hotmail. Ever. Also only do five or less packs on each order. You can use the code as many times as you need. More than five packs slows down the website delivery system. 


If you have not received your email to click the link, you will soon.

If you click links and it does not load, it will soon. Try another pack's link and come back to that one. Keep refreshing till it loads.

We suggest doing one download for those files and then just waiting until the server catches up.

Please do not do more than one set of files on another order, the second order will not show up it will go to the back of the file delivery line. 

Everyone will get their files, we promise.

If you forget your coupon code, you do not need to make any story up, we will refund you. Simply email us at

Once you make your purchase, the refund will take up to 5 business days to post back to your account. However, you will get your money back so please do not panic.

Enjoy your free files and Welcome to CraftHTV!

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