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Free Shipping With Any Cart Over $50USD
Marine Vinyl

Order The New Marine Vinyl Today!

As you can imagine having the right product for the right project means you will never have an unsatisfied customer. Marine Adhesive Vinyl is a myth. It is completely made up! It is impossible to order it from any vinyl supplier. Or any company. Do not get lost in false marketing like you did by clicking this short paragraph. 

We want to keep you safe from thieves that market to fool you.

With that being said you CAN order what the sign industry calls "CAST" vinyl. You can find Oracal 651 which is a "CALENDARED" vinyl. If you are looking for "CAST" vinyl check out our Oracal 751, it is designed to be used as vehicle graphics.


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Kate - October 12, 2020

I would like cast vinyl

Anessa Opsahl - May 16, 2018

So will 651 stick on a boat? What about any 3M or Avlon? I didn’t know about cast vinyl. It would be interesting to see and work (??? Maybe lol) with that product.

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