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Heat Transfer Foil Hacks

How To: Heat Transfer Foil Effects

Hello everyone, today I’ll be showing you some fun ways to use Heat Transfer Foil. If you haven't seen our video on how to use Heat Transfer Foil, we recommend watching that video before continuing.

First, we will be creating a distressed effect. To create this look, take your Heat Transfer Foil and crumple it. This will cause some of the foil to crack and break off. Now smooth out your foil as best as possible and apply it like normal. When you remove the foil, you’ll be left with a design that gives a well-worn look without all the wear and tear.

Heat Transfer Foil cannot be layered, but there is a way to get a two tone effect using the distressed method. If you would like to use two colors of foil, repeat the process of creating the distressed effect. After you’ve removed the first layer of foil, place a second, uncrumpled sheet on top of your design. This second color will stick to the adhesive peeking through the cracks of your first color.

You can also quickly change the finish of your Heat Transfer Foil. If you love the metallic look but don’t love the mirrored finish of foil, just recover it with your Heat Transfer Cover Sheet and press for an additional 5 seconds. This will mattify the foil and give it a low luster, brushed look.

Thank you so much for watching, we hope this video has given you a little inspiration for your next project. If you’d like to learn more about how to use our products visit

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